Thank you for being curious enough to visit this page. Although my website contains a variety of photos I've taken in the past ten years, I've been taking pictures since the 1950's, first, very casually, and then very intensively when I was a photographer on the staff of the Yale Daily News. I was originally inspired in part by my father, who had been a very good photographer in the 1930's, and by an interest in capturing strong images of some things (especially airplanes). I still have several of my father's cameras. Lots of assignments and darkroom time resulted in college. After graduating and then while attending law school I was able to continue with casual photography, aspiring for high quality but rarely achieving it for a few years before family and professional demands intervened. Only after a long and intensive word-based professional career largely ended in 2009 was I able to spend a lot more time taking pictures. The transition to digital in 2006 helped, and it has been a long time since I've run film through one of my Nikon F's or my film Canons. 


Now my photos fall into several broad categories.  There are the landscape and location-specific photos, taken while traveling or when stationary and inspiration allows a semi-intensive effort at exploring nuances. There are situational and opportunistic photos of things that are of interest to me, bright, shiny, colorful, or whatever. Very eclectic and not at all intellectual. There are some fine-art photos, or at least photos that, after the fact, I've treated as my fine-art images.  And there are event photos (Fourth of July parade, etc.), mostly of alpine ski racing. There are currently about 250,000 of those images on my hard drives. 


Thanks for reading if you got this far.  Always feel free to contact me. I enjoy all comments and questions.