After a lifetime of mainly expressing myself with words, my postings here will mainly rely on images.  They will speak for themselves to some extent, but I'll usually add a few comments of explanation.  I've taken photographs for decades, since the 1950's, inspired in part by my father's photographic skill.  Four years of photo assignments and quality darkroom time eventually gave way to decades of casual and family picture-taking.  I re-immersed myself when I left film and turned to digital.  

bear grizzly

Welcome to my blog site, where I'll semi-daily post some images I like and a few comments of greater or lesser relevance to the images and the context.  Sometimes the comments will explain why I took a photo and what I see in it that makes me think, or hope, others will find it interesting.  


Let me know what you think.  Please don't assume I think every image will be interesting to everyone.  Photographers are like ravens, collecting bright, shiny objects.  Tastes differ, wildly.  To some, only action is interesting.  To others, only portraits or landscapes are worthy.  This will be an eclectic display; everything I photograph is fair game for posting.  


Thank you for dropping by.  I look forward to your comments and will post them only with your prior approval.  I would rather have candid private comments than hear nothing.  And I don't publicize or trade on my contact or client list.  


Auke Bay - Ironman Alaska 2022 (August 11, 2022)

November 09, 2022
Ironman competitions have gone mainstream and worldwide, moving far beyond the original, cultish, extraordinary Ironman races in Hawaii. Now marketed and conducted widely...
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Auke Bay - Aukeman Tri (July 2022)

September 29, 2022
Juneau was set to host the IRONMAN Alaska August 11, 2022, so Juneau's very active triathlon community held a "sprint" version of the annual Aukeman Tri to prepare Juneau...
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Auke Bay - People: Juneau Fourth of July Parade (July 4, 2021)

September 15, 2022
Unless you are actively involved in the procession, a Fourth of July parade provides an ideal opportunity for observers to get a feel for the community and its people. We...
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Auke Bay - Whales (July-September 2021)

August 28, 2022
Whales are impressive, and not just because they are big. They have presence. It is easy to get carried away trying to convey what it is like to be in their vicinity, and...
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Auke Bay - Eagles (July-September 2021)

August 17, 2022
Bald eagles, hunted for bounties in Territorial Days, formerly threatened and decimated elsewhere by DDT, and now protected everywhere, are thriving in Southeast Alaska....
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