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Hello Everyone. This group will hold all my race and training photos for the 2022-23 race season. There is a subgroup for each race series and there are individual galleries for each race in a series.

As always, there is no charge for viewing the images, and my strong interest is having them seen.

Please see the linked explanation regarding my race photos, why I take them, and whether to purchase them, and so on:

Please read the FAQs before ordering anything.

As always, feel free to email me directly at [email protected] with any questions or comments. I enjoy hearing from racers and racer families, especially about race photo topics. If you are a junior please be sure to copy a parent or adult guardian with any inquiry to me, to satisfy ski club and USSS protocols.

Sometimes during the season my blog posts address various ski racing topics.

Thanks for looking.


2023 Alyeska Cup/State Championships

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2023 Coca-Cola Classic Series Group

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2023 Western Region Junior Championships

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FIS-U/RMISA Group Feb. 21-24

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